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We are committed to our customers. We don't let a single customer go away unsatisfied. We want our customers to come back again and again because of our quality services. Here are some customer testimonials.
- Sorry but we cant list them all :)

Just wanted to let you know that you Caricature was AWESOME !!!!! Soooo glad that I ordered from you !!! Thank you again,
John McNally
New Jersey, USA
We're very pleased with your works. I will definitely recommend your excellent services to my peers / colleagues wherever possible. Once again, a BIG thank you for rushing out 80+ caris for us!!!
Fong Siew Meng
Unilever Singapore
I LOVE it! Your service was great. I'm so pleased with my caricature! Our retiree will be thrilled, too.
Brenda Hall
That works, They all look good. My presentation caught their attention using their caricatures. I am not finished wow-ing them with your artwork of them. I am getting a lot of questions on where I got them. As soon as I am done with my presentations over the next three weeks I hope to send you a lot of referred business.
Graham Keeney


I finally got on and saw what you did. THANKS SO MUCH it looks GREAT. I love it and i know that he is going to love it too. Thanks SOO much that was fast and that was a good job done really well. Did i say i love it well once again I LOVE IT. Many thanks

Anise Barry

The first time I tried paying with my credit card..an error came up that said "Rejected.... could not connect with server". Then you sent me the caricature along with a notice of payment. I went back in and tried again...this time it worked. I did leave a message in detail of what I was trying to do. About a hour later, I received another email , telling me that the caricature was ready for download...and that payment was received. The picture was really great...I am more than satisfied. Thanks again....

card welcome

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