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Welcome to DimpleArt Affiliate Program ; The On-Line goldmine :-)

Here are a few reasons for joining our affiliate program:

  • High Initial Commission: You are paid a 30% commission on each order that you generate for us.
  • Two Tier Income Potential: You are paid a 5% commission on all the sales made by affiliates who have been referred to us by you.
  • Life-time Customers: When you refer a client to our site, that client is identified as your customer for life. A cookie is placed in the client's computer which identifies the client as yours. Even if he/she does not sign up immediately for our services, but does so on a later visit, you will get the commission for that order. Also, if, for instance, the client first orders our celebrity caricature t-shirts and then goes on to order our custom caricature services, you will get commissions for both orders. If we introduce any new product or service in the future, and some of the clients whom you have referred to us sign up for those products or services, you will still get the commissions for those orders.
  • Real Time Statistics: We provide you with real-time online statistics to tell you exactly how you have been performing. With this feature, you can track your earnings in real time. We also send a confirmation email to you the moment you generate an order or the moment an affiliate signs up under you. You will also get a confirmation email when an affiliate who has signed up under you generates an order.
  • Completely Hassle Free: We take care of everything - processing the credit card payments, executing the clients' projects, providing customer service etc. All you need to do is to refer clients to us - we'll take care of the rest.
  • Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies: When you sign up for our affiliate program, you are automatically subscribed to our exclusive 5 day Affiliate's Lessons email course sent only to our affiliates which will tell you the exact strategies that the master affiliates use to earn thousands of dollars in commissions from affiliate programs. If you implement those strategies, you are all but guaranteed to earn large commission checks from us every month.
  • Personal Attention: Do you have any questions about any aspect of the affiliate program? Send an email to affiliate@dimpleart.com . Your email will be answered by us within 24 hours. We want you to succeed, and will do anything it takes to help you do so.
  • And best of all, it's completely FREE to join!

Signing up for our affiliate program

First, read a set of frequently asked questions about our affiliate program.

Then, read the terms and conditions of our affiliate program.


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